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Garage Vent System

garage vent attic fan

Garage Vent Overview

The garage vent kit converts a roof or curb mount solar attic fan into a garage venting system. The kit can be added to all models sizes: 10, 20, 30 or 50 watt.

Kit Includes

  • Two Adapter Sleeves
  • 8 Ft Flexible Duct Pipe
  • Attractive Ceiling Vent
  • All Hardware Needed
  • Radiation Damper Available
  • 25 Year Product Warranty

Venting Capacity

Model cfm Output Venting Capacity
10 watt up to 800 up to 1,200 sf
20 watt up to 1,200 up to 2,000 sf
30 watt up to 1,550 up to 2,500 sf
50 watt up to 1,900 up to 3,100 sf

On the 10, 20 and 30 watt models, the solar panel can be adjusted to the position that it will gather the most sunlight. On the 50 watt model the solar panel is installed on the roof away from the housing.

Radiation Damper

radiation damper

Required in some locations to protect against fire and heat radiation (check local building codes). Damper includes a fusible link that melts when the temperature reaches 212°F. It replaces the lower adapter sleeve.

Common Applications

Mostly used residential homes with an attic space above the garage. Kit available for any model size roof or curb mounted solar attic fan (sold separately).

Data Sheet

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