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Natural Light backs up the quality and craftsmanship of our Tubular Skylight with our industry leading 25 year warranty against manufacturers defects in material and deterioration
25 Year Product Warranty – Best In The Industry!

Natural Light backs up the quality and craftsmanship of our Tubular Skylight with our industry leading 25 year warranty against manufacturers defects in material and deterioration. The warranty is subject to proper installation of the unit in accordance with the written installation instructions. Each unit comes with a warranty registration form that must be completed and submitted to Natural Light in order to receive the warranty benefits. You can also easily register your Tubular Skylight online or download a PDF warranty form to mail or email back to Natural Light.
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ENERGY STAR® Qualified and NFRC Certified

Committed to producing superior, energy saving products, Natural Light added a new breakthrough Energy Conservation Kit to the already highly energy efficient Tubular Skylights. The addition of this kit improves the U-factor and Solar Heat Coefficient such that the 10″, 13″ and 18″ residential models are ENERGY STAR® qualified in all climate zones in all 50 states. NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) has rated the energy performance of one of the Natural Light Tubular Skylights at .054 for the U-Factor and 0.23 for the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Natural Light Tubular Skylights Are ICC-ES Listed

ICC-ES evaluates building products and materials to determine whether they meet the requirements in the building and other related codes. Natural Light Tubular Skylights have been tested by professionally licensed civil, structural, fire, mechanical and quality control engineers and is ICC-ES Listed.

Florida Building Code Approved

Natural Light Tubular Skylight are able to withstand Florida’s harsh tropical storm weather.

Hurricane Tested and Approved

Natural Light Tubular Skylights underwent numerous tests by the Hurricane Test Laboratory, Inc. in Riviera Beach, Florida and successfully passed to achieve the “hurricane approved” rating.
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25 Year Product Warranty
against defects or deterioration

ENERGY STAR® Qualified
in all 50 states in all climate zones
NFRC Ratings:
0.54 = U-Factor 0.23 = Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
ICC-ES Listed
meets building code requirements
Florida Building Code Approved
stricter standards for harsh weather
Hurricane Tested and Approved
passed rigorous testing


Natural Light Tubular Skylights for Home or Commercial Buildings

For about the cost of a nice light fixture, Natural Light Tubular Skylights will transform any dark space by filling it with soft, evenly dispersed natural light. The heavy-duty unit installs easily, operates for free and needs no maintenance.

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